Two Forces to Watch in Retail Tech

Ben Titcomb, CEO @ LeaseToMe There’s been a lot of talk about the retail sector lately. It’s experiencing both disruption and transformation. The implications of COVID-19 have increased the appeal of applying new technologies to traditional commerce, and the prevalence of mobile and eCommerce is making omnichannel the new norm. Location tracking and IoT are […]

What Is a Green Lease and Why Should You Care?

Ben Titcomb, CEO @ LeaseToMe The evidence supporting human-induced climate change continues to mount as we experience its effects in the form of record temperatures and wildfires. While it feels as though environmental concerns have taken a backseat as we battle COVID-19 and attempt to stabilize the global economy, the need to take meaningful strides […]

The Renaissance of Retail

Ben Titcomb, CEO @ LeaseToMe What’s the future of retail? Everyone wants to know. The sector plays a fundamental role in our lives in the way we distribute goods, enjoy leisure time, and connect with the people around us. Despite its importance, retail is becoming increasingly replaceable by the digital economy. The preferences of younger […]